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Horse Grooming


Contains a unique blend of steam distilled essential oils.  It's a great year round product.  It contains no silicone therefore no build up.  Use as a water-less was get all that mud and dirt off before you saddle up.  Groom your horse and saddle up right away.  No oily residue but good for their coat.  Great as a de-tangler.  Softens Burrs for easy brush out and great conditioner for tail and mane.   Steam distilled essential oils keeping environmental irritants at bay.

People & Animal Friendly


No harsh chemicals.  Works wonders on keeping the environmental irritants at bay.  Just a gentle natural based spray, with a fresh herbal scent.

  Horse and dog owners are loving it.

Dry Shampoo for your Dog - Groomer


Natural based, no harsh chemicals.  Contains proven and effective essential oils.  Water-less wash, hassle free clean ups anywhere.  Keep one in your car to clean up after walks, or dog park play.  Grooming spray, restores shine.  Deodorizer, eliminates, "wet doggie" odour.   Steam distilled essential oils keeping environmental irritants at bay. 

Multi purpose grooming products for Your Dog & Horse


No Harsh Chemicals

You want only the best for your animal friends.  Family friendly, no harsh chemicals to be transferred to you like other products.


Grooming the way it should be!

Unique natural essential oil based, Citronella and Eucalyptus.  All natural based ingredients, with a fresh herbal scent.  


Grooming for your Horse and Dog

It works wonders for your horse, no water in the barn, but want to clean, groom and detangler.  Spray on, brush away that dirt and mud.  No water needed.  You can saddle up right way, no saddle slip, with a beautiful show shine.  

For your dog, it's a dry shampoo.  Spray on brush the dirt away.  For light conditioning light mist and brush through.   Or use as a leave in conditioner after bath, helps detangle, and no WET DOGGIE smell.  




Shipping is FREE on all orders over $25.00.  Before that amount shipping is $6.99.  If you have any issues when checking out please contact us and we will make ever effort to ensure your shopping experience is a good one. 

Our Essential Oils

We source only the best essential oils for our products.  Steam Distilled Citronella Java Essential Oil and Steam Distilled Eucalyptus Globulus Organic Esssential oil.  From New Directions Aromatics, located in Toronto,  Ontario, Canada.  

All Natural Based Products

Our horse and dog product blend are made with natural based ingredients, with a fresh herbal scent.are 98% Natural.  The herbal scented mineral oil is used as the catalyst for the natural ingredients contained in our product. Horse and dog grooming the natural way.  Previously known as Head of the Herd, new name same great product.  Assists with keeping different environmental seasonal irritants at bay for horses and dogs.

 A full list of ingredients can be seen on the labels posted with each product.  Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

Positive Reviews

Although we have just begun our journey with this product, it has been on the market for 10 years under the name brand Head of the Herd.  We now produce it and have re-branded it to our company name.  It 's the same great product with a new name.

Dog and Horse owners love it.  Nothing but great reviews about the product not only as a great grooming product but letting us know how it helps them with the environmental stresses in the summer season that plague their horse and dog friends.

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Where to Buy Rosie's Coop "flies away"

 You can find Rosie's Coop "flies away"  Multi Purpose Dog Grooming at several local Pet Valu Stores.  Currently available:

Pet Valu - Bracebridge

Pet Valu -  Gravenhurst

Pet Valu - Midland  

Pet Valu - Parry Sound 

Pet Value - North Bay (Algonquin)  

Pet Value - North Bay (Lakeshore) 

Pet Valu -  West Nipissing/Sturgeon Falls.

As well as  several groomers, and Vet Clinics, including:

North Bay Animal Hospital (Seymour)

You can find Rosie's Coop "flies away"  Multi Purpose Horse Grooming product at several locations, including: 

Huron Bay Co-OP Stores 

Double JB Feeds

Cozy Acres Tack Shop

Stick and Stone Tack Shop

Les Animaux Domestiques Quinn. (Quebec)

Burrows Country Store & Garden Centre

WHOLE SALE PRICING IS AVAILABLE if your local store would like to carry it on their shelves, Please send us an email. 

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